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What is Coworking @ The Durlacher?

Coworking has become an alternative to working at home or even in a company office setting. It offers flexibility, networking opportunities, and, for some, productivity benefits. Perhaps the most valuable benefit is the ability to interact and even collaborate with other community members that typically include entrepreneurs and artists, to photographers and business professionals. It’s an alternative to being isolated at a home office, providing the ability to interact with others within the Laramie community while working in a space that is walking distance to all downtown businesses and restaurants.

It’s a place where we can all look forward to Monday if we find real meaning in what we do.

Growth Through Collaboration

Often in coworking spaces, people end up collaborating on projects. For example, if a photographer needs assistance with their website or marketing efforts, they may meet another professional working in the space that specializes in those areas of expertise. And on the flip side, the web developer may need photography services for the projects they work on.

Working Outside of Work

In fact, some employers even provide space at coworking facilities for their employees to have time away from the office to work on projects and collaborate with others in a unique environment. This is a service we provide to businesses that often inspires employees and provides the opportunity to think about their work from a different perspective, and even bounce ideas off of other Durlacher members.

You focus on your to-do’s, we take care of the rest. Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, high speed internet, front-desk service, refreshments, and more.

What’s Unique About The Durlacher

Coworking at The Durlacher is unique not only because of the working spaces we feature, but also the rich history of the building itself. Built in 1872, Simon Durlacher started a clothing shop that over the years housed several businesses including the Chickering Bookstore and tech companies like Firehole Technologies and Autodesk. It’s also unique in that we provide open space desks in addition to individual office rooms if you need a quieter space or a place to make phone calls, collaboration rooms and even an event space. Collaboration rooms are comfortable with whiteboards for ideation and project collaboration. Conferencing rooms for larger groups of up to 10 people include A/V gear, whiteboards and large tables.

The event space features natural lighting and can accommodate up to 30 people. This room can be rented, but also is used for workshops and seminars for our members, and in some cases, events for clubs and the general public like art shows and celebratory get-togethers such as birthday parties and reaching company milestones. Featuring a full kitchen and bar, it’s the perfect space to host parties, holiday get-togethers, and even small wedding receptions.

We invite you to Become a Community Member for free to get started or stop by for a complimentary tour and to learn more. We're located at 203 S. 2nd Street in Laramie.

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